Friday, October 21, 2011

OWS has cost me a friend...

Yes folks you read right, the OWS movement has cost me a friendship. Does it bother me? Nope. How did this happen? Jacked up Glock Mom posted a youtube video about a Florida mom who left her family to go to NYC to support OWS.

 I posted on my personal facebook page the link to the video, and posted the following comment......
 "I know that in my heart, that I am doing the right thing by staying at my home here in Florida, and by not supporting the idiots of the OWS movement. Too much weed? I think so. Too much Liberal Kool-Aid I think so.I put out a request to all my Blogger friends and Facebook Family to help support me in my decision to not get involved."

My friend posted this comment.....
"By calling them idiots, you are involving yourself. I don't support your decision to use derogatory terms to describe ordinary people who are trying to draw attention to the fact that the banks are still making billions and paying huge salaries after they used our tax dollars to pay for their greedy manipulation of the housing market, so I guess our friendship is over. Maybe you can start new friendships with the bankers. The next time you need a friend, knock on their doors and see if anyone answers."

I was taking a jab at a cousin who is a Liberal. I am not surprised by his reaction as he moved to AZ to Red Rock Country with all the rest of the Liberals there. My ex friend does not understand that it is not the bankers in NYC, but The Idiot Politicians in D.C. who screwed this country over. President Clinton pressured the banks to lend money to people who could not pay their mortgage as they are living pay check to pay check. BUT THIS IS AMERICA AND WE HAVE THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Sorry dude, sorry to see you go but life goes on. 


  1. I quit calling it Liberal Koolaid and started calling it Liberal Antifreeze. Tastes the same, but one will kill you.

  2. Thanks for your support. Mudbug both will kill you in the long run.

  3. That sucks about your friend but I do understand sometimes we have to go our separate ways on stuff like that. I had one friend who refused to believe in God and would always try and change my mind about my beliefs. We seldom speak anymore.

  4. Like I said no big loss we worked together and he was a hard worker, but he had a difference of option with the big boss who was also founder of the company. I learned along time ago I can get along with 99% of the people I work around. I keep my mouth shut, and ears and eyes open.

    If I get along with 99% of the people I'm around does that mean I am part of the OWS 99%? God I hope not, LOL.

  5. You're correct and he's wrong. You are the better for it.

  6. "You're not my friend anymore!!!"

    So your friend was five years old?

    Listening to these 99IQ'ers makes me think a daycare would be a source for more solid thinking.

  7. Thanks North. Not 5 as you would think, but a 70 yr old Liberal.

  8. OMG! how juvenile can people be? if their friendship comes with conditions, then they werent your friend to begin with..
    I am sorry...but your probably better off.

  9. You've got better friends here online.