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Counter-terrorism agent arrests Orange Co.(Fla.) Islamic Imam

An Islamic Imam from a Central Florida mosque was arrested by a counter-terrorism agent, WFTV reporter Kathi Belich discovered. Marcus Robertson is being held on a federal weapons charge, but WFTV also found out the 43-year-old religious leader is a convicted felon.
According to court records, investigators relied on a federal act involving national security to obtain information on Robertson. WFTV learned that Robertson calls himself Imam Abu Taubah, a prayer leader of the Masjid Al-ihsaan mosque in East Orange County.

But an FBI counter-terrorism agent arrested Robertson on August 23 for having a Springfield .45-caliber handgun and two loaded magazines, because it is against the law for a convicted felon to have a gun.
The counter-terrorism agent wrote in his affidavit that the agent has "conducted investigations in counter-terrorism matters in the United States." The counter-terrorism agent wrote that he found the gun and loaded magazines in a dresser drawer in Robertson's former East Orange County residence.
Court records also show federal prosecutors plan to use intelligence information gathered through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance act of 1978, which our legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said is used only to investigate suspicions involving matters of national security.

"The government had to believe that there was possible criminal activity that affected national security; otherwise they could not have used the act," Sheaffer said.
WFTV contacted the FBI, but a spokesman wouldn't give any specifics about the case or exactly why that particular act was used.  Robertson's federal public defender said he had no comment at this time.   
Robertson is not charged with being involved in terrorism. He is being detained at the Seminole County jail, only charged with the federal gun violation, and he is scheduled for trial in January.

The federal Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act has been amended several times over the years.
One of its main powers allows investigators to use surveillance without permission from the courts.
People like him will use the "Freedom of Religion" card, but you are a Felon and as a felon you can't own a weapon and you have no rights as a Felon. So guess what? You lose.

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Snowstorm tests the resolve of Occupy protesters

This following story is from a U.K. newspaper. There take on the "Occupy America" movement. But the story I believe is written by this guy who is with the Liberal press, Democracy Now (see bottom note).  RB

The Occupy movement prepares for winter - with a taste of October snow and harsh winds, that will test the commitment of protesters
"We're in the Valley Forge stage now," said a young man working the food station at the Occupy Wall Street encampment in New York City Friday night.
The ongoing occupation was in the process of winterizing for a feared storm due the next day. Tents were secured and tarps were strung from trees and poles in the Lower Manhattan plaza. While the five week-old demonstration is hardly at war with the British empire, it is in the midst of hunkering down for an east coast winter that will test the movement's commitment and fortitude.

Saturday morning brought driving snow and the beginning of a new phase of challenges for the ongoing occupation. It was just the fourth time since the Civil War that New York City had seen snowfall in October, and the first time in history that more than an inch had fallen on the city before Halloween. On a typical Saturday, Zuccotti Park - re-named Liberty Square by the occupiers - is teeming with supporters and curious onlookers, with numbers sometimes ballooning into the thousands. This afternoon, however, the space was barren. Pockets of protesters gathered under sparse tarp roofs. Rain ponchos were distributed while medical personnel handed out foam sheets absorb water under protesters' tents.

The exact number of occupiers who had chosen to weather the storm was impossible to verify, as many were holed up in the scores of tents that have filled the plaza in recent weeks. Unrelenting high winds tormented the occupation with freezing sleet and snow while temperatures fell into the low 30s. Many tents to collapsed under the conditions, leaving occupiers' possessions vulnerable to the elements. It seemed nothing was safe from the pervasive wetness.
Still, a core group of hardened demonstrators remained. One woman stood in defiance of the elements, holding a sign that read, "Hell snow, we won't go!"
Until today, winter had been an obstacle looming in the future of the New York City occupation. Many of the demonstration's original organizers now argue it is time for the weather take center stage as a primary challenge facing the movement.

Robert Grodt hitch-hiked from California to New York City to take part in the occupation's original planning and has stayed ever since. He argues that the physical presence of the demonstration in the financial district has been essential to the movement's growing prominence.
"If you look on the internet, they're talking about principles of solidarity or they're talking about these little tiny squabbling sort of issues," Grodt said.
"They have to remember that the reason that we have this sort of voice, the reason that we have that large forum, are the occupations themselves. That is our appeal," he reminded.
Grodt added, "We need to make sure those things are being talked about; can we keep them going through the weather?"

The 24 year-old believes Occupy Wall Street's detractors are counting on the cold months to bring an end to the movement.
Standing in donated rain suit near his recently-collapsed tent-home, Groudt said, "This is literally our test. Right here. If we can survive this, there is nothing that can stop us."

Edited to add this in case you did not know already.... Democracy Now! is a United States daily progressive, nonprofit, independently syndicated program of news, analysis, and opinion. According to Democracy Now!, it is aired by more than 950, mostly non-commercial radio, television, satellite and cable TV networks in North America. The award-winning one hour "War and Peace Report" is hosted by investigative journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. The program is funded entirely through contributions from listeners, viewers, and foundations and does not accept advertisers, corporate underwriting, or government funding.

Denver police move into Occupy protest encampment after earlier scuffle near Capitol

Looks like these "Occupy America" protests are starting to get ugly. These people just don't get it. Pack up go home, find a job- RB

Article by: KRISTEN WYATT , Associated Press

DENVER - The simmering tension near the Colorado Capitol escalated dramatically Saturday with more than a dozen arrests, reports of skirmishes between police and protesters and authorities firing rounds of pellets filled with pepper spray at supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement.
Officers in riot gear moved into a park late in the day where protesters were attempting to establish an encampment, hauling off demonstrators just hours after a standoff at the Capitol steps degenerated into a fight that ended in a cloud of Mace and pepper spray.

Denver police spokesman Matt Murray said 15 people were arrested in the evening confrontation, where authorities were moving to prevent protesters from setting up tents in the park, which are illegal. Officals say the demonstrators had been warned several times that the tents would not be allowed and those who attempted to stop police from dismantling the camp gear were arrested. Protesters have been staying in the park for weeks, but tents have repeatedly been removed.
Murray said that most of the protesters were peaceful but there was "just a die-hard group that didn't want to cooperate." "We showed great restraint," he said. "We were calm. We went in and did what we had to do. There's a group of very committed people who believe in a cause, and then there are a few people who just want to cause trouble."
Earlier in the day about 2,000 protesters rallying against what they see as economic inequality and corporate greed marched downtown toward the Capitol, setting up the most intense moments of the Denver movement, which has lasted weeks.

Tenn. protesters to challenge curfew for 3rd night

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Occupy Nashville protesters said Saturday that they plan to continue challenging a new curfew used to disband their encampment, despite two nights of arrests.
Tennessee state troopers arrested 26 people on Friday night, less than twenty-four hours after a pre-dawn raid where 29 were arrested. In both cases, the night magistrate refused to jail the protesters.
The arrests came after Republican Gov. Bill Haslam's administration on Thursday announced it had created a 10 p.m. curfew and posted notices at the Legislative Plaza, near the Capitol.

About 150 Occupy Nashville protesters gathered for a meeting Saturday, and several said they would again challenge the curfew. One posted new signs next to those announcing the curfew. The text was from Article 1 of the Tennessee Constitution, including the right to assemble.
The Tennessean newspaper reported early Saturday morning that Magistrate Tom Nelson told troopers delivering the protesters to jail that he could "find no authority anywhere for anyone to authorize a curfew anywhere on Legislative Plaza."

All 26 people arrested Friday night were charged with trespassing; two were also charged with public intoxication; and one was also charged with criminal impersonation, Department of Safety spokeswoman Jennifer Donnals said. The judicial commissioner refused to issue warrants for any of the charges.
Officials said 72 troopers were involved in the curfew enforcement.

Occupy Wall Street protesters stripped of their power, literally, by fire department and NYPD

Claiming safety concerns, city confiscates gas canisters and generators from Zuccotti Park

Friday, October 28 2011, 2:07 PM
The city has stripped Occupy Wall Street protesters of their power.
Dozens of firefighters and police officers entered Zuccotti Park Friday morning to confiscate generators and gas canisters.
Fire trucks and police vans pulled up on the corner of Broadway and Liberty St. at about 8:30 a.m. and asked the encamped demonstrators to bring the items to them, saying they were a health and fire hazard.
"They made an announcement on a bullhorn saying: 'We are here to take the generators, could you please bring them up to us on the corner of Broadway and Liberty St.,'" protester James Bennett said.

When no one from Occupy Wall Street surrendered the generators, more than 30 uniformed FDNY and NYPD officials entered the park to seize them, witnesses and officials said.
"We did send 30 or 40 firefighters through the park, the police department had its community affairs department there to make sure everyone was safe," Mayor Bloomberg said on his weekly radio show Friday.

Finally the City of New York did the right thing. The timing was great as some cold weather is moving in. Get a clue people, better yet get a job and pay your taxes like the rest of the U.S..

Friday, October 28, 2011

GOP getting in way of change, Biden tells Democrats, Teachers Union

Once again the Liberal left has it all wrong. They so want to turn the U.S. into a socialist country. Tax everyone and every company that makes any kind of money. Then create all these programs for the rest who don't want to work. Yes the GOP and the TEA PARTY are in the way, as they should be.

By Scott Powers, Orlando Sentinel 11:12 p.m. EDT, October 28, 2011

Vice President Joe Biden turned a dinner speech to Florida Democrats at Walt Disney World into a pep rally Friday night, blasting Republicans as obstructionists with whom he said the administration can no longer work.
Biden knocked Republicans for blocking President Obama's American Jobs Act, for "playing roulette" with the federal deficit ceiling and standing in the way of other Obama initiatives, from Wall Street reform to health-care reform to the end of the Iraq occupation.

Biden said he and Obama tried for 2 1/2 years to sit down with Republicans and now he concludes, "This is not your father's Republican Party."
"It's time to stand up. It's time to fight back," Biden bellowed to a cheering crowd of more than 1,000 people at the Florida Democratic Party annual convention at Disney's Contemporary Resort. "We are looking for this fight."

Paraphrasing President Franklin Roosevelt's attacks on his Republican critics in the 1930s, Biden belittled House Speaker John Boehner, House Minority Leader Eric Cantor and Senate President Mitch McConnell as "a beautiful rhythm of obstructionists, Boehner, Cantor and Mitch."

Biden accused Republicans of creating the very budget deficits that they campaign against, and of not understanding that their tax-cuts proposals and vow to kill health-care reform would make the budget situation worse. "That's what I find absolutely bizarre: Republicans moralizing about deficits. That's like an arsonist moralizing about fire safety," he said. "These guys have zero credibility."

The Democrats also heard from Democratic National Committee Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz — who said they need to shout Obama's accomplishments, such as tax cuts, "from the rooftops" — and from U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, who faces re-election, declaring, "I'm ready for the fight again." The Republican Party of Florida lashed back before Biden's speech, saying that Democrats like Biden blame the American people for their own failures.

"We Republicans know that the blame lies with failed Washington policies that take too much of our money and infringe on our freedoms," said RPOF Chairman Lenny Curry. "We offer a positive alternative to the Democrats' pessimism.",0,3802340.story

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Latest developments in the Occupy protests occurring in places around the world

Some of the latest developments in the Occupy protests taking place in cities across the world:
Some tents were back up in front of Oakland's City Hall on Thursday, as the condition of an Iraq War veteran who suffered a fractured skull in clashes between protesters and police was upgraded to fair.
Police two days earlier cleared the plaza after it grew to dozens of tents and raised health and safety concerns among city officials.
The city allowed protesters back in on Wednesday, but said they would be prohibited from spending the night. About 1,000 people quickly filled the plaza, but later many of them filed out and began marching down nearby streets.

U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is clarifying remarks she made about the Occupy Wall Street protests, saying she didn't mean to take credit for them.
The Democrat and Harvard Law School professor said during a campaign appearance Thursday in Newton that she had intended to say she has been protesting against Wall Street abuses for a long time. Warren added that protesters must follow the law.
In an interview posted on The Daily Beast website, Warren said she "created much of the intellectual foundation" for the demonstrators. Republicans criticized her for the remark, pointing to arrests of some protesters in Boston and other cities. Warren is considered the likely Democratic challenger to Republican Sen. Scott Brown next year.

The American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico says it will file an injunction against the University of New Mexico to allow protesters to resume their encampment in a university park.
The move comes after UNM evicted protesters off a four-week old makeshift campsite over safety concerns. Around two dozen protesters have been arrested this week for refusing to leave Yale Park.

The head of the union representing New York City police sergeants wants Occupy Wall Street protesters to know he'll pursue legal action against anyone who harms police.
The statement Thursday came after clashes between protesters and police in Oakland, Calif., and elsewhere. The movement in New York City, where the protests originated, has been largely peaceful.
Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins told The Associated Press he wants demonstrators to know that assaulting an officer is a crime. He hopes no violence breaks out in New York.

The public safety chief in Providence has delivered letters to local Occupy Wall Street protesters notifying them they are violating multiple ordinances by camping overnight at downtown Burnside Park and asking them to leave within 72 hours.
Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare dropped the letters off at protesters' tents Thursday. The letter lists regulations including littering, keeping off the grass, storage of explosive or inflammable materials, and permitting. The activists have been camped in the park without a permit since Oct. 15.

Gov. Bill Haslam's administration is imposing a nighttime curfew on the Capitol complex in Nashville in response to what it calls deteriorating safety conditions surrounding anti-Wall Street protests.
Lola Potter of the Department of General Services said the curfew will be enforced beginning Friday.
Occupy Nashville protesters have been encamped on Legislative Plaza for three weeks.

In the small town of Ashland, pop. 21,000, Internet marketer Robbie Lindauer has been asking people to take their money out of the local branch of Chase bank to show their opposition to the role of big banks in the economic crisis. One local credit union attributes a spike in new members to the Occupy movement.

Reno elected officials have given the go-ahead for a northern Nevada group to set up a three-month encampment modeled on Occupy Wall Street protests in New York and other cities.
The Reno City Council waived a $35-per-day fee for use of the site near an unused municipal swimming pool several miles south of downtown Reno. One councilman even offered to pay for the $103 permit filing fee for Occupy Reno. Encampment organizers agreed to follow public safety and health rules and provide portable toilets.

A tea party group in Virginia is demanding a refund of about $10,000 from the city of Richmond, claiming the group was unfairly charged for rallies while Occupy protesters have used the same space for several weeks for free. The political organization is sending the city an invoice for the charges incurred for three rallies held in Kanawha Plaza over the past three years.
The Occupy protesters have been camped out at the plaza since Oct. 15. Richmond Tea Party spokeswoman Colleen Owens said it was not fair that her group had to pay fees for permits, portable toilets, police and emergency personnel. The group also had to purchase a $1 million insurance policy. The Atlanta Tea Party has raised similar complaints about Occupy Atlanta protests.

Howard University students, alumni and faculty are planning a march Friday to support the Occupy Wall Street protests. The planned afternoon march will go from the Howard campus to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Organizers say they've coordinated with and will be joined by protesters from two ongoing "occupations" near the White House.
Talib Karim, an alumnus of the historically black school and one of the organizers, said the march is part of an effort to bring more racial diversity to the Wall Street protests. He says the issues raised by the protesters should resonate with African-Americans, who endure poverty and unemployment in greater percentages than the general population. The marchers will be calling on Congress to pass bills promoting job growth.

In American cities where Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are taking place, officials express concern that garbage, human waste and hygiene are becoming a growing worry in the public encampments. Poor food storage exacerbates a rat infestation in Oakland. Inspectors find open human waste in Philadelphia. Hypothermia cases develop in Denver after a snowstorm hits.

The senior St. Paul's Cathedral priest who welcomed anti-capitalist demonstrators to a camp outside the landmark in London has resigned, as the church considers taking legal action to evict the protesters.
The cathedral confirms that Canon Chancellor Giles Fraser has stepped down, but has not given his reasons. Protesters have been camped outside the building since Oct. 15. When police tried to move them the next day, Fraser said the demonstrators were welcome to stay and asked police officers to move instead.

The distribution of wealth in the United States is among the most unequal among industrialized nations, according to a study by the independent Bertelsmann Foundation, based in Gutersloh, Germany.
It was conducted independently of the Occupy Wall Street movement, the foundation said, but gives credit to the battle cry of many protesters that "we are the 99 percent" — the vast majority of the population that does not benefit from the income of the world's leading economy.
The United States ranked in the bottom five on a combination of issues including poverty prevention, health and access to education — ahead of only Greece, Chile, Mexico and Turkey — according to the study on social justice in the 31 developed nations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
Distribution of wealth in the United States is the most unequal among the nations examined, with more than 17 percent below the poverty line. Of those living below the poverty line in the U.S., some 21.6 percent of them are children, who also suffer from a lack of access to equal education, it showed.
Topping the list were the Scandinavian nations — all places where the Occupy movement has failed to gain traction. The largest gathering in Sweden to date drew a crowd of only about 500 people. The foundation used data gathered both independently and by the development organization in 2010.

Police say they are investigating reports that a woman was raped while participating in the anti-capitalist protests in Glasgow. The report involved a 28-year-old woman at a tent in the city's George Square. No arrests have been made. Occupy Glasgow organizers said they are shocked by the report and working with police to ensure that everyone at the camp is safe.

Bail 'em Out ??

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I have a large update coming to night or tomorrow on the latest "Occupy Movement" so please check back. I would like to thank all my friends who follow my blog, last I check I had 700+ hits.

Have a great night and a super weekend.

2 Occupy Orlando protesters face trespassing charges

Two people who were participating in the Occupy Orlando protests are now facing trespassing charges, according to Orlando Police.
Officers arrested Michael Seth Altfield, 22, and Hannah Kaye Jones, 20, early Thursday on South Ivanhoe Boulevard near the Orlando Chamber of Commerce.

The two were part of a group of people seated inside a circle at Senator Beth Johnson Park about 12:55 a.m., according to arrest reports. Three police officers approached the group, told them that the park had closed at 11 p.m. and instructed them to leave. Most of the group left the park after the warning.

Four minutes later, three different officers entered the park and arrested Altfield and Jones, according to the reports. Protesters have gathered on the Orlando site for the past several days as a statement against corporate greed and government corruption. Similar protests have occurred in several cities throughout the country. Violence has broken out between protesters and law-enforcement officers in Oakland, Calif., Atlanta and New York City.

On Wednesday, about 60 Occupy Orlando protesters marched through downtown Orlando in response to police removing some of the group's supplies from Senator Beth Johnson Park the night before.

I'm sure everyone is getting sick and tired of all this crap from these idiots. Evey night here in Orlando we have to listen to some jackwagon run his or her mouth, and they don't have a clue about life in general.

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ACORN Playing Behind Scenes Role in 'Occupy' Movement

The former New York office for ACORN, the disbanded community activist group, is playing a key role in the self-proclaimed “leaderless” Occupy Wall Street movement, organizing “guerrilla” protest events and hiring door-to-door canvassers to collect money under the banner of various causes while spending it on protest-related activities, sources tell
The former director of New York ACORN, Jon Kest, and his top aides are now busy working at protest events for New York Communities for Change (NYCC). That organization was created in late 2009 when some ACORN offices disbanded and reorganized under new names after undercover video exposes prompted Congress to cut off federal funds.

NYCC’s connection to ACORN isn’t a tenuous one: It works from the former ACORN offices in Brooklyn, uses old ACORN office stationery, employs much of the old ACORN staff and, according to several sources, engages in some of the old organization’s controversial techniques to raise money, interest and awareness for the protests.
Sources said NYCC has hired about 100 former ACORN-affiliated staff members from other cities – paying some of them $100 a day - to attend and support Occupy Wall Street. Dozens of New York homeless people recruited from shelters are also being paid to support the protests, at the rate of $10 an hour, the sources said.
At least some of those hired are being used as door-to-door canvassers to collect money that’s used to support the protests.

Sources said cash donations collected by NYCC on behalf of some unions and various causes are being pooled and spent on Occupy Wall Street. The money is used to buy supplies, pay staff and cover travel expenses for the ex-ACORN members brought to New York for the protests.
In one such case, sources said, NYCC staff members collected cash donations for what they were told was a United Federation of Teachers fundraising drive, but the money was diverted to the protests.

ACORN was involved in getting Obama elected in 2008. They outright lied to people and many fell for it. Now they are at it again.


This is for our friends jambaloney and kymber up in Nova Scotia Canada...

Police tear gas Occupy protesters multiple times

Dozens of police in riot gear and hundreds of protesters in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement engaged in a game of cat-and-mouse in downtown Oakland on Tuesday, with authorities using tear gas to respond to demonstrators' repeated agitations.

The latest such skirmish came around 11 p.m. as some protesters began throwing bottles among a crowd that had reconvened in front of City Hall, where a haze of chemical smoke still hung in the air following a similar clash at the site about an hour earlier. It was the fourth time police used tear gas in three hours. Authorities have denied reports that they used flash bang canisters to help break up the crowds, saying the loud noises came from large firecrackers thrown at police by protesters. Police also report being attacked with rocks. 

City Hall has been the site of conflict throughout the day. Authorities used a pre-dawn raid to dismantle an Occupy Wall Street encampment that had taken over a plaza outside the government headquarters for more than two weeks. Police removed about 170 demonstrators who had been staying in the area overnight after repeatedly being warned that such a camp was illegal and they faced arrest by remaining. City officials said 97 people were arrested in the morning raid. Helicopters scanned the area late Tuesday and scores of officers wearing helmets and carrying clubs patrolled the streets as protesters gathered only a few feet away. 

The first scuffle broke out after hundreds of people made their way back to City Hall in an attempt to re-establish a presence in the area of the dispersed camp. The protesters gathered at a library and marched through downtown Oakland and ultimately were met by police officers in riot gear. Several small skirmishes broke out and officers cleared the area by firing tear gas.

I don't remember tear gas being used at any TEA PARTY rally's? Does anyone else? These people need to get a clue. Oh wait I forgot they want something for nothing. If you get arrested you get free food, clothes, health care, a warm place to sleep.  Forgive me for being so stupid, I guess they're right you can get something for nothing!!

Boehner Rips Russia’s Soviet-Style Behavior

By Published October 25, 2011
Two and a half years after the Obama administration “reset” relations with Russia, House Speaker John Boehner says he’s troubled that the country seems to be slipping back into its Soviet-era ways.
Boehner pointed Tuesday to the recent news that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin plans to return to the presidency after years as prime minister following his hand-picking successor Dmitri Medvedev.

“Within Russia, control is the order of the day, with key industries nationalized, the independent media repressed, and the loyal opposition beaten and jailed. Russia uses natural resources as a political weapon. And it plays ball with unstable and dangerous regimes,” Boehner said at the Heritage Foundation.
“In Russia’s use of old tools and old thinking, we see nothing short of an attempt to restore Soviet-style power and influence,” he said.

Boehner also cited Russia’s exertion of authority over former Soviet satellites like Georgia, and he called for Moscow to stop watering down attempts by the U.S. and other allies to hold Iran accountable at the U.N. Security Council. “We should do more to compel the Kremlin to curtail its relationship with Iran, particularly related to its nuclear program and missile technology,” Boehner said.

Read more:

US's most powerful nuclear bomb being dismantled

AMARILLO, Texas (AP) — The last of the nation's most powerful nuclear bombs — a weapon hundreds of times stronger than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima — is being disassembled nearly half a century after it was put into service at the height of the Cold War.

The final components of the B53 bomb will be broken down Tuesday at the Pantex Plant near Amarillo, the nation's only nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility. The completion of the dismantling program is a year ahead of schedule, according to the U.S. Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration, and aligns with President Barack Obama's goal of reducing the number of nuclear weapons.
Thomas D'Agostino, the nuclear administration's chief, called the bomb's elimination a "significant milestone."

Put into service in 1962, when Cold War tensions peaked during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the B53 weighed 10,000 pounds and was the size of a minivan. According to the American Federation of Scientists, it was 600 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, killing as many as 140,000 people and helping end World War II. The B53 was designed to destroy facilities deep underground, and it was carried by B-52 bombers.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Deadly Attacks Show Al-Shabaab Expanding Its Reach, With Potential for U.S. Targets

There is growing evidence that the Al Qaeda affiliate in Somalia, known as al-Shabaab, is becoming more of a regional terrorist player, with the potential to go global as it targets U.S. citizens and interests.
"We have been getting threats from al-Shabaab against Americans and Westerners," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told ABC News when asked about a decision to warn Americans in Kenya of an imminent terrorist threat. "So it's a very dangerous, uncertain situation. And we want to be sure that whatever information we have, we immediately present to Americans who live, work or may be visiting in Kenya

In the past day, two targets in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi were attacked with explosive devices. An explosion at a bus stop Monday evening killed at least one person and injured eight others. An earlier attack on a Nairobi night club with a grenade left 13 injured. Both incidents came after the U.S. warned that al-Shabaab would carry out retaliatory attacks after Kenyan troops entered Somalia in mid-October.
A rambling statement posted to a jihadist website purportedly from al-Shabaab promised more violence if foreign troops failed to withdraw. Although the online statement specifically mentioned troops from nearby Burundi, it seemed to underscore al-Shabaab's intention to rid Somalia of any foreign military presence.
"You now have a choice to make," the statement warned. "Either you call for the immediate withdrawal of your troops from our country or you shall receive the bodies of your remaining sons delivered to you in bags. Think long. Think hard. Think of your sons' futures."

In Washington, the State Department could not immediately comment on the latest attack or the intelligence that led to warning American citizens in Kenya to avoid crowds and malls, but department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland did not dispute that the warning was tied to al-Shabaab.

Up to 20 million tons of debris from Japan’s tsunami moving toward Hawaii

Debris from Japan's tsunami approaching Hawaii. (KITV/ABC)
Some 5 to 20 million tons of debris--furniture, fishing boats, refrigerators--sucked into the Pacific Ocean in the wake of Japan's March 11 earthquake and tsunami are moving rapidly across the Pacific. Researchers from the University of Hawaii tracking the wreckage estimate it could approach the U.S. West Coast in the next three years, the UK Daily Mail reports
"We have a rough estimate of 5 to 20 million tons of debris coming from Japan," University of Hawaii researcher Jan Hafner told Hawaii's ABC affiliate KITV.
Crew members from the Russian training ship the STS Pallada "spotted the debris 2,000 miles from Japan," last month after passing the Midway islands, the Mail wrote "They saw some pieces of furniture, some appliances, anything that can float, and they picked up a fishing boat," said Hafner. The boat was 20-feet long, and was painted with the word "Fukushima."  "That's actually our first confirmed report of tsunami debris," Hafner told KITV.

Huge debt may bankrupt tiny Mascotte Florida

(I believe this is the start of a slow side that will take out many cities all across the U.S. Way too many cities and counties just got caught up in the building boom, and never though it would end. I know of a city back home that when interest rates started to drop they refinanced as much as they could to lower their bond payments.)

In coming months, Mascotte could be forced to declare itself insolvent as it struggles to pay nearly $5 million in debt it accumulated during the housing boom — the result of ill-fated decisions to buy property for a waste water-treatment plant and a municipal complex that have never been built.
So far, Mascotte, 35 miles west of Orlando, has been able to make the annual payments of $769,590 on that debt, and its budget is balanced. But the city is paying back its debt mostly with revenue from its water utility, and it raised water rates by an average of 58 percent this summer. If water consumption drops, there could be a financial emergency, said City Manager Jim Gleason, hired this year.

The city also is collecting significantly less property-tax revenue, and it expects to take $177,000 from reserves for its $2.69 million operating budget. This year, the taxable value of property in Mascotte dropped 19.2 percent. It has fallen 49 percent since 2007. That's more than any Central Florida municipality. To make up for that drop, Mascotte last month raised its property-tax rate 20 percent to $9.61 for each $1,000 of taxable value — the highest rate of any Central Florida government and close to the state maximum of $10. "We're in a bad spot," Gleason said. "We're living paycheck to paycheck.",0,7259690.story

Vatican Calls for Global Authority on Economy

Published October 24, 2011| Reuters
The Vatican called on Monday for the establishment of a "global public authority" and a "central world bank to rule over financial institutions that have become outdated and often ineffective in dealing fairly with crises.
The document from the Vatican's Justice and Peace department should please the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrators and similar movements around the world who have protested against the economic downturn.
"Toward Reforming the International Financial and Monetary Systems in the Context of a Global Public Authority," was at times very specific, calling, for example, for taxation measures on financial transactions.

"The economic and financial crisis which the world is going through calls everyone, individuals and peoples, to examine in depth the principles and the cultural and moral values at the basis of social coexistence," it said.
It condemned what it called "the idolatry of the market" as well as a "neo-liberal thinking" that it said looked exclusively at technical solutions to economic problems.
"In fact, the crisis has revealed behaviors like selfishness, collective greed and hoarding of goods on a great scale," it said, adding that world economics needed an "ethic of solidarity" among rich and poor nations.
"If no solutions are found to the various forms of injustice, the negative effects that will follow on the social, political and economic level will be destined to create a climate of growing hostility and even violence, and ultimately undermine the very foundations of democratic institutions, even the ones considered most solid," it said.

Read more:

This would be part of the "NEW WORLD ORDER"? Like I have said before I am new to this, could someone enlighten me. Either here or email me. Thanks.

Homemade Hot Chocolate:

Oh yes, it is that time of the year. Hot cup of Cocoa, be it in the morning or at night around the camp fire. Don't forget to add the mini marshmallows.

Homemade hot chocolate:
2 cups nonfat dry powdered milk
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1/2 cup powdered non-dairy creamer

Mix well in large lidded container (close plastic lid tight and shake till mixed up). 1/3 cup mix to standard size coffee cup of boiling hot water.

Also, You can also add extra cocoa powder for a more chocolate kick, or extra creamy powdered creamer for a more creamy mix, or flavored powdered creamer....the possibilities are endless. This is far cheaper than store bought mix, if you want, you can replace the sugar with sweet n low (whatever that replacement amount would be) or other sweeteners.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pledge Allegiance

Thus it is that when you Pledge Allegiance to the United States Flag, You:
*Promise your loyalty to the Flag itself.
*Promise your loyalty to your own and the other 49 States.
*Promise your loyalty to the Government that unites us all,
     Recognizing that we are ONE Nation under God,
     That we can not or should not be divided or alone,
     And understanding the right to Liberty and Justice belongs to ALL of us.
Do you think anyone involved in the OWS protests could recite this, or could even tell you what the Pledge means? 


Senate Adopts Measure to Increase Fannie, Freddie Loan Limits

By Phil Mattingly
Oct. 20 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Senate adopted a measure that would raise the maximum size of a home loan backed by mortgage companies Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Housing Administration to $729,750.
Senator Robert Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat, offered the increase as an amendment to a spending bill today. The measure was approved less than a month after the limit on so-called conforming loans was automatically reduced to $625,500.

“If we want to get the economy moving, the housing market has to be part of it,” Menendez said tonight on the Senate floor.
The Senate adopted the amendment 60-31. The amendment required 60 votes for approval and was offered during the chamber’s consideration of a package of spending measures. If the Senate passes the underlying bill, the House would then have to vote for it to become law.
The higher limits, should they be signed into law, would apply until Dec. 31, 2013. Lawmakers would pay for the cost of the higher limits by imposing an annual fee on the loans of 15 basis points of the unpaid principal balance of the mortgage.
The limits, which vary by locale, apply to loans backed by the FHA and government-controlled mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which together buy or guarantee about 90 percent of all residential home loans.

Your Opinion on this?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Welcome and Thank you

Time once again to say Thank You to folks who have found my blog and hit the follow button. Kris and Johnnybgood, Welcome. I can't believe I have had almost 550 page views. Thanks to all my friends who have posted comments in support of my views of world events.

Please feel free to post comments or email at

Tea Party Nation tells business owners not to hire anyone

The political organization wants small businesses to go on "strike"

Web reporter
Q13 FOX News Online
8:16 PM EDT, October 21, 2011

President Obama's jobs bill has been rebuffed by Republicans and now the Tea Party Nation has sent out a statement to its members requesting that they don't hire anyone in order to further hurt the president.
On the Tea Party Nation's website, Melissa Brookstone criticizes the president's administration and the Democrat-controlled Senate as being allied in forcing the United States into socialism and away from capitalism.
Brookstone charges that Democrats "have participated in what appears to be a globalist socialist agenda of redistribution of wealth, and the waging of class warfare against our constitutional republic's heritage of inidividual rights, free market capitalism, and indeed our Constitution itself, with the ultimate goal of collapsing the U.S. economy and globalizing us into socialism."

Jobs bill supporters estimate that the president's bill could create nearly 2 million jobs. On the other hand, Brookstone not only alleges the president has assumed "dictatorial powers," but that the administration, Senate Democrats, "Progressive socialists from all around the country, especially those from Hollywood and the left leaning media" have colluded to create an "anti-business, an anti-free market, and an anti-capitalist (anti-individual rights and property ownership) agenda."
Brookstone continues to rail against President Obama, Democrats, liberals and, generally, anyone in support of their policies, but then in concluding her remarks, she adopts a stance that defies logic.
"I, an American small business owner, part of the class that produces the vast majority of real, wealth producing jobs in this country, hereby resolve that I will not hire a single person until this war against business and my country is stopped."

"I hereby declare that my job creation potential is now ceased," she writes. "I'm on strike!"
Personal political beliefs notwithstanding, it seems that finding a solution to the current high unemployment rate would benefit everyone.

With a FRIEND like YOU, WHO needs an ENEMY?

This has nothing to do with my posting below about loss of a friendship. But in a time of need that's when we find out who are real friends are. I learned that at age 11. When my Grandpa died, (my bff) and my Grandma needed friends to help her get through her loss, she realized who her true friends are. My wife and I found out this again in 2003 when I was in the hospital for a week after an on the job injury. I crushed my right foot. 2 months later I had part of my foot amputated.

Do you know how many friends we had then? Only my wife and 5 kids. We attended a church but had not attended in a few mouths. Guess how much help we got from our church friends? Not much if at all. I pray to God that anyone who you think are your friends now, will not be your friends when you need to count on them the most. That even goes for family. The only true friend you have is GOD. I wasn't even sure my wife would stay to take care of me. I could not walk for several weeks and had to learn to use a walker. I am fine now and don't need help getting around but as time goes by that even comes into question.

Banks in Georgia, Florida, Colorado Shut Down by Regulators

Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Banks in Georgia, Florida and Colorado were shuttered by regulators and sold as U.S. lenders collapse under the weight of bad loans tied to real estate.
The four closed banks held deposits totaling about $1.89 billion, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. said yesterday in statements on its website. The seizures drained $358.8 million from the deposit insurance fund, the FDIC said.
Regulators have shuttered 84 lenders this year and more than 400 since the start of 2007, FDIC data show. Banks are closing under stress from commercial real estate loans, tied to property values that through April fell about 49 percent from the October 2007 peak, Moody’s Investors Service has said

400 banks have been closed by the FDIC since 2007 when the banking crises started. Due to BAD REAL ESTATE LOANS. But folks are doing these "OCCUPY WALL STREET" protests because of the banks. Am I missing something?  400 banks had to be closed because they had to make these loans, but its the fault of the banks because our country sucks right now?
I shrug my shoulders.

Friday, October 21, 2011

OWS has cost me a friend...

Yes folks you read right, the OWS movement has cost me a friendship. Does it bother me? Nope. How did this happen? Jacked up Glock Mom posted a youtube video about a Florida mom who left her family to go to NYC to support OWS.

 I posted on my personal facebook page the link to the video, and posted the following comment......
 "I know that in my heart, that I am doing the right thing by staying at my home here in Florida, and by not supporting the idiots of the OWS movement. Too much weed? I think so. Too much Liberal Kool-Aid I think so.I put out a request to all my Blogger friends and Facebook Family to help support me in my decision to not get involved."

My friend posted this comment.....
"By calling them idiots, you are involving yourself. I don't support your decision to use derogatory terms to describe ordinary people who are trying to draw attention to the fact that the banks are still making billions and paying huge salaries after they used our tax dollars to pay for their greedy manipulation of the housing market, so I guess our friendship is over. Maybe you can start new friendships with the bankers. The next time you need a friend, knock on their doors and see if anyone answers."

I was taking a jab at a cousin who is a Liberal. I am not surprised by his reaction as he moved to AZ to Red Rock Country with all the rest of the Liberals there. My ex friend does not understand that it is not the bankers in NYC, but The Idiot Politicians in D.C. who screwed this country over. President Clinton pressured the banks to lend money to people who could not pay their mortgage as they are living pay check to pay check. BUT THIS IS AMERICA AND WE HAVE THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Sorry dude, sorry to see you go but life goes on. 

Muslim Junior ROTC Student Wants to Wear Head Cover With Uniform

You can wear a Muslim head scarf, and you can wear the uniform of the Junior ROTC. Just not at the same time.
That’s the word from the U.S. Army, which is supporting an officer’s ruling last month that a 14-year-old Tennessee girl could not wear her traditional head covering while in uniform at a parade.
The student, Demin Zawity, of Brentwood, Tenn., quit the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program at Ravenwood High School and returned to regular gym classes when commanding officers said she had to take off her hijab if she wanted to march in the homecoming parade.
"It was during Spirit Week. We were getting ready for the homecoming parade and the head officer said that I wouldn't be able to wear the head scarf while I had the uniform on," Demin said.
"I said that it was a religious thing and that I really couldn't take it off.”
Demin said she asked the officer if an exception could be made, and “ he told me that he would see what he can do."
But school officials and district lawyers determined that if Demin wanted to participate; she would have to comply with the rules.
"We as a school system are bound to the regulations of the Army. We cannot conduct the program unless we follow the regulations," said Jason Golden, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel for the school district.

Oh sorry little one, if you want to be in JRTOC you have to follow the rules. I was in Navy JROTC and U.S. Air Force Aux - Civil Air Patrol there is only one set of rules, and that is the rules of the U.S. GOVERNMENT.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

'Adult Baby' Claims Disability Checks Will Continue Despite Coburn Complaint

Oh this is must see reading. This guy is a member of OWS. I could say more but why waste any more of my time on this............

Talk about the nanny state. 

A man living as an "adult baby" in California claims the federal government will allow him to continue collecting Social Security disability checks, after investigators apparently closed the probe into his case requested by Sen. Tom Coburn

Stanley Thornton drew the outrage of Coburn, an Oklahoma Republican, after he was featured on the National Geographic Channel show "Taboo" earlier this year. Coburn asked for an investigation from the Social Security Administration, questioning why he was allowed to receive federal benefits -- all the while living part of his life as a baby, sleeping in a crib and drinking from a bottle.