Saturday, March 10, 2012

What You Can Find On The Net

Yep, you can find out a lot on the internet. For example I ran my name, I went to MIT, and I am a Dr., Who knew I was so smart.  A friend from a former employer sent me an email earlier this week, asking me if I had heard the latest rumor about the companies former executives. They "Retired" when their company, BJ&J was sold to another company. That companies owner TPS is arrested for a Ponzi scam a few years later. 

I sent out some emails to some friends telling them about the rumor that my ex bosses had bought 51% of another company, XYZ Inc. A friend in TX replies, I know someone at XYZ.  Source at XYZ says the buy in did not happen. But they, my former bosses, are a client of XYZ. He can't say anymore then that due to his position at XYZ. But he gives me a clue to the truth.

I hope you are still with me. I don't want to release anyone's names. SO being a good snoop that I am I start surfing the net. With in a few hours I have the name of their new company, ABC LLC, and I also find documents filed with the Federal government. I could have sent one email to my former boss and ask point blank, but hey what's the fun in that. I believe that my old bosses tried to buy back their old company but could not come up with $ 40 million that another company paid out last year, to the estate of the Ponzi scam to pay his investors back. One of the other companies he (JPS) own was Polaroid Camera.

So for around a Million dollars give or take, my old bosses have started a another company. They did it twice before in 1982/83 they started it. Sold out a few years later.  Bought that company again in 2002 when it was in Chap 7 Bankruptcy, Due to the 9-11 attacks. Turned the company around, sold it again a few years later. The company again had to file Chap 11 2 years after it was sold to Ponzi Scam man to keep it from the Feds.

If you don't follow again send me a email and I will try to fill in the blanks better. The moral of the story is you can find out anything on line.


  1. Yep it can be a cornucopia of information. Problem is sometimes it gives out bad info too but intelligent folks can figure it all out.

  2. P.P. you are so right. I have found Department of Transportation doc. from as far back as the late '90's.