Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Place of Zen

This is Minnehaha Creek, that runs over the falls, Minnehaha Falls, and then empties in the Mississippi River. Minnehaha Falls has been a place I visited a lot back home, when we lived not to far away growing up. As an adult I would visit even after we moved away from the area. It was near the airport so some days I would leave for work early to come to the Falls or just sit along the creek to think.

It may sound creepy but I used to go out to the cemetery where my grandparents were buried, and sit on the ground and look up into the big oak trees and think, and talk to my grandparents. If I was really stressed I would start to cry, which helped a lot. I always felt better after visiting both places. 

Thanks for letting me share. I need a place like this near us here, to sit and think. Maybe I will just make this photo my computer background and stare at it when I am stressed out.

Have a great weekend, I have some ideas running through my head and I need to put them down on paper or on the computer to work out the details. remember to Stay Alert, and Safe.



  1. thanks for sharing those beautiful falls with us! Rob, buddy - it does not sound creepy that you visited your grandparents to think and talk with them - if that helped ease your stress, i can't think of anything better to do! and a lot of people don't know that crying is the bodies way of releasing stress - when you cry you loosen muscles that are tightened from stress.

    i hope that you get to return to your beautiful falls soon. your friend,

  2. thanks kymber for stopping by today. Some day we will get home. at this time things are out of my hands and in the hands of GOD and the lawyers. Some say they are one in the same.

    Say hey to jam for me, hugs to you both.

  3. thats awesome and peacefull all in one...thanks man for sharing!

  4. Thanks for stopping by today JUGM. I'm more then happy to share with my friends.

  5. I used to have a spot like that when I lived a few miles from the beach here in California. Back in 2003, I got married there. When the marriage ended, I had a ceremony there to release my anger, and have communion with the Lord. There is nothing like that moment in time when the walls between the hurt and pain dissolve away, and you find beauty.