Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nazi Party Gets First Lobbyist on Capitol Hill

Yes you have read the headline correctly. The American Nazi Party has its own lobbyist now on Capital Hill. I am shocked to read this, but in light of the changes being made by POTUS, I am not surprised. Hell, Rep. West (R-FL) says a large part of the Demoidiots in Congress are Commies.

Now you know why this country is going to hell in a hand bag. This story about a NAZI lobbyist should have been the biggest news story to date. But hardly a word has been said by MSM. Oh wait the guy is white, they hate all other colors, how stupid of me. Nothing of interest here folks move along, just a group of whites, so far no one of color has been killed.

The sad part of the story is that the ANP was founded by a World War Two Veteran. Yep, again you read right a WW Two vet started the ANP. No not a German vet, but an American vet. That is worth repeating, an AMERICAN WW Two Vet started the American Nazi Party.

My dear blogger friends, what has become of our country??
Can we be that bad off when the Communists, and Nazi's are making inroads in American Politics ??  
Is it too late to buy an island some place and start our own country??
Can ask POTUS for foreign aid to get established ??
I for one will be spending more time in prayer to GOD, and asking for direction on what to do. Yes, I am now getting freaked out by all of this.
What say you??



  1. (quote)I always tell my fellow Americans that they need to practice their constitutional rights or their rights will one day be eroded,” he said. (end quote)

    What's wrong with this statement, Nazi, Constitutional rights, all in the same sentence? I don't think you can have it both ways. Oh is the Obama administration where everything has to be fair. He'll probably be on the news soon having a beer in the rose garden with the golfer in chief.

  2. It's happening at lightning fast speed. We're going down the road to perdition. Have you heard about all the armored cars and toll booths and the ammo the gov't has bought. The gov't is gearing up to be ready to be at war against us.

  3. He can hang out with the CAIR guys it isn't like they haven't been close allies before. In fact I see no difference fundamentally between allowing NAZI lobbyist and Islamic ones really. They are both anti-freedom and Western democracy and they have both been enemies in the past.

  4. MB, Rose, & PP thanks for stopping by today. I have been thinking about the ANP and I guess the shock of this one is sinking in. The Nazi's did not die off after WW Two, and their thinking has continued.

    They may not hold rally any more, but their approach has changed. Another group to keep an eye on.

  5. We have islamist in our gov. now. We have the new black panthers terrorizing voteing places. Just to name a few, so yeah, why not a nazi party lobbyist in D.C. ???

    1. Who knows who will be next ?? Mexican Drug Lords ??