Thursday, June 28, 2012

Solar firm that got DOE loan to declare bankruptcy

Just to take everyone's mind off of the events of earlier today, another Solar Power Company that received Money from DOE is filing Bankruptcy. yep another $400 million dollars down the drain.
Here is the link to

Thank you Mr. D.C. Idiot, once again you have proven your an IDIOT. You waste Tax Money, then blame Congress, Tell your AG to sell guns to the Mexican Drug lords and then the AG hides behind your back, after a Boarder Agent gets killed by one of your guns, You force health insurance on us with help of your Democrat butt buddies.

This time you don't have ACORN to do your dirty work, but we know that you still have your home boys in the NBPP to scare all us white folk to vote for you again. We better wake up you IDIOT, you and the rest of your LIBERAL buddies have started a New Revaluation and will turn into a different kind Civil War unlike anything seen before.

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  1. I should know better than to let greedaholics like this annoy me, but somehow they always manage anyway.