Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Different Kind Of Civil War Brewing

While I don't consider myself a gifted writer like some of my fellow bloggers, I try to give my view of events. Now when anyone talks about Civil War, many think of the North vs South in the battle over slavery among others issues. I am talking about a New Civil War. One that pits the citizens of our great country against our own government.

There has been much written about troop movements and training within our own cities. I have seen this happen every year since I was a child. Watching the troops in their trucks drive down the highway to different camps for summer training. A former employer has a contract to fly troops around the country transporting them for training.

We have seen FEMA set up "Concentration Camps" to send our citizens too. We have seen Executive Orders come down from the D.C. Idiot as I call him. Giving our troops orders that they will arrest and detain citizens without regard to our Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.We have read where TSA is stopping trucks on the highways in some states, DHS is buying more ammo at times the the DOD.

Will this happen??  Will we have a collapse of our government?? Will our CIC become a mental case and make himself the new Adolf Hitler ?? I don't know, and if it does happen what will be the outcome.??

But this I do know it will be a hell of a fight. Will the military stay loyal to CIC ?? Will they overthrow the Government?? Will they all just say screw it and walk away.?? Do you know that others over seas have talked about the down fall of the United States.??

Here are some links that I have found... Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S.

Hypothesis Fake American Civil War Two Geopolitical Outcome

Massive Civil War says DHS Informant

Here are some maps I have found..

This is from the TV series Jericho

 Does this scare the crap out of you?? It sure and the hell does me. All I can say about this is we need to keep our eyes open, pay attention to what is happening in our country as well as laundry list of others. Not only North Korea, but the likes of Iran, Russia, China and the European Union.

Keep Prepping, Stay Alert, and stay safe. God bless us the citizens of these United States of America. Please give "WE THE PEOPLE" of this country the strength to turn this country around and make us a better Nation under you God.


  1. The problem with these US Govt. vs the people scenarios is that the US Govt. is itself such a diverse entity. Not to mention the military is made up of so many Nat. Guard Units to boot and some of these governors are never gonna be on board with an Obama dictatorship.

    Even if the Fed gov made an excuse and got initial State backing by claiming national good, etc. it wouldn't last long. It would break up into power players pretty fast and once it breaks up it becomes a free for all. The U.S. is simply too large for a dictatorship to control as one entity for very long.

  2. I agree with PP. When and if it happens, probably not in my lifetime, it will be ugly and many tens of thousand will die. The Balkanization of this country, however, is inevitable.

  3. They can try and start something, but their are way too many of us gun loving, flag waving, Americans who have the Constitution and Bill of Rights memorized.

    After all "DON"T TREAD ON ME" is more then just words.

  4. Rob - it scares me too because i think we are seeing the beginning of the ugly happening. i don't know if it will happen during our lifetimes, but then sometimes it seems that it will happen tomorrow. i do, however, believe that your military would never round up citizens. state and city police - ya, they'd do it. but not your military. your military is made up of some of the finest examples of patriotism that have ever lived.

    your friend,

    1. Indeed. Never piss of a Patriot here or up North eh.

    2. I am not so sure about the Regular U.S. Military any longer. National Guard units and even reserve units are more like what the regular army used to be patriot and attitude-wise. The regular outfits well I have heard some stories. Also if they did try something they would pull that old Russian trick of sending say California NG troops to Georgia, Texas to Maine etc.

      In many ways a large bulk of our troops no longer feel a kinship with other American groups. They could field a force made up of such units.

    3. Oh I am sure they would bring in our troops from overseas to fill in. But will our military leaders follow orders from the IDIOT or our own commanders who would think for themselves?? That is the $$ Billion dollar question.

    4. I got a really good friend who wears stars at a central location who assures me that some will and some won't. All I can say on that matter.

      Except I will add that he is such a good friend he once called me from half a world away and asked if I would accompany his wife to a large week long gathering to keep the sharks away if that tells you anything.

    5. PP enough said. I knew a retired Navy LCDR. He still knew stuff he could not spill the beans on so many years after he retired.

  5. What the troops won't do, the cops will. Look how they have militarized the police with the funding from the feds and those 'training' exercises in our cities. Not to mention the executive orders being passed while Congress and the rest of America sleeps ..... people need to turn off American Idol and the 'reality' shows and look at the reality around them. We're going to be in deep if we don't start to stand up for our rights. But I still have hope with some of the states beginning to stand up to his 'eminence' and his dictates.

    1. Oh the cops, don't get me started. The one thing I left out of the equation, is the unpredictability of LEO. Glad you brought that up. That scares the hell out of me more then the Military. Think Boss Hog of Dukes of Hazard TV show.

  6. My DH wonders why more folks don't acknowledge the possibility of civil war. Our government certainly is preparing for it. I'm thinking though, that the division will be from the Pacific to the Atlantic, i.e. more north and south. Considering where the Chinese want to establish their cities on US soil, and their friendly relations with Mexico, I figure China will take the North, and Mexico the south. There is a Mexican contingency that think the US illegally stole Mexican lands anyway.

  7. I see China with the west and a battle over Southern California with Mexico.
    The North may aline with Canada. The South will be heavily Hispanic. East Coast who cares. Maybe we can trade it to the Arabs, they seem hell bent on waiting it any how.